Who is your target Audience?


  • To have a computer with 4gb of RAM minimum ,a processor that supports virtualization and with internet connection


Hi,in this course you will learn how the Hackers can get access to a social media acount with tecniques like Phishing Attacks, and you will learn how to investigate your victimhow to get breached credentialshow to install a Hacking Lab to practice and much more in this course

Please don’t use the information in this course for malicious purpouses,use it for learning about how the hackers can get access to a social media acount

The Course:


  •    Introduction

Hacking Lab

  •    Installing Virtual Box

  •    Installing Kali Linux

  •    Linux Basics Comands


  •    What is Phishing?

  •    Phishing Attacks I

  •    Phishing Attacks II


  • What is OSINT?

  • How to get information from an instagram account

  • How to find usernames

  • How to get breached credentials

These are the reviews that my students have had:

  • Very well explained 10/10

  • very good explanation.

  • very good course

  • For people who don’t know anything about programming it’s very good…

  • A very good course with very good learning

  • I loved the course, very well explained, the instructor is young, but that doesn’t make it bad, you can see that he knows, he goes straight to the code, and offers you much more than a free course, very recommendable

  • I loved the course, very good and it was quite understood

  • Very good

  • Super recommended and very complete, teaches everything, great!

  • So far it’s been a very good choice… it’s what I’m looking for, something practical that gets to the point and makes the examples work…”

  • “Fascinated with the course, highly recommended, I love it!

  • Great, great this course, highly recommended!

  • A great course, I learned a lot.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to learn and like Hacking

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